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A Pastoral Approach 
“Advancing Christ’s kingdom…healing spirit, soul and body”

Please feel free to enter any prayer requests that you have in the box below.  Your prayer request will be sent to Dr. Heany and he will include it in his prayers, and get back to you with any insights he gets from the Lord.  Be sure and include your e-mail address if you desire for him to respond to your request.

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As a Christian counselor, Dr. Heany allows the Lord to rule and reign in his life and ministry, and in turn to continue Christ’s work of kingdom restoration in the lives of the people he counsels.  His role as a therapist allows him to come alongside a person – walking a length of their healing journey with them as they advance toward the Lord’s heavenly calling and purpose for their life.  The Lord uses him to shine the searchlight of the Holy Spirit into people’s hearts, chase away darkness, bring healing to their areas of brokenness, and open their eyes to see things from a gloriously new perspective.

With God’s Word as the standard, Dr. Heany uses a counseling approach that allows the Holy Spirit to speak through and lead him in the teaching, care, healing, and restoration of his clients. This approach often includes conversation, prayer, biblical referencing, spiritual and emotional based strategies for overcoming difficulty and oppression, as well as identifying and working through destructive patterns in a person’s life.